Site Update: ‘Editor’ Section Added!

Hello users of the World Wide Web,

I’ve added an “Editor” section to the website. This samples just a few of the montages that I’ve created during my time with CitrusTV.

I learned how to edit on Avid during my first year working at the student-station, cutting highlights of various sports like volleyball and field hockey, and eventually moving up to football and basketball. This helped me become an associate producer of On the Bench and eventually move up to the executive producer role.

My last montage that I edited was CitrusTV’s Images of the Year, an annual reel that looks back at the previous 10 months of Syracuse athletics. As much happened off the field as it did on it, with stories such as the school’s move to the ACC and the Bernie Fine scandal dominating headlines. I wanted to capture all that emotion into one song.

All of these montages were edited on Avid Media Composer, though I recently learned how to edit on Adobe Premiere before I left Syracuse (in fact, my news reporter reel was edited with Adobe Premiere).

I’ll be adding a “Producer” section to the website in the next few days, so look out for that. In the meantime, thanks for checking out the website!

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