Site Update: Producer Section Added, Among Other Things

Hope you’ve all enjoyed the Fourth of July holiday week/weekend. Last week saw some new additions to the website.

The biggest addition to is the producer section. I spent most of my last four years in Syracuse producing On the Bench, a weekly sports highlights show that recaps the past week in sports on the SU hill. In this section, you can learn more about my career as a producer and watch the entirety of some of the best episodes that I produced with my team.

And here’s a special behind the scenes look at me as a producer that you won’t see anywhere else. A friend of mine did a “mock” story on me for class. It’s a pretty accurate glimpse of what I do.

Also new to the website is a complete sportscast from April 8, 2012. You can find it in the Sports Host/Anchor page following the CitrusTV Sports Anchor Reel.

You’ll also notice that the menus have changed a bit. Each of my “talents” has its own section that you can find along the top below the picture (e.g. Sports Reporter, News Reporter, etc.). And then links to the blog, the home page (aka About Me, and my resume can be found in the menu on the left-hand side.

More updates to come, including some editing pieces that I did for the Brooklyn Cyclones when I interned there a few summers ago. Also I’ll be interning for NBC Olympics soon, so I’ll be blogging some of my thoughts about that before I leave on July 17.

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