O Canada — July 30, 2013

Yes, I know the Canadian National Anthem.

No, I am not Canadian.

I got the unique opportunity to sing the Canadian National Anthem for the Wisconsin Woodchucks when they played the Thunder Bay Border Cats at Athletic Park in Wausau. I brought up the idea weeks earlier to the team’s owner because I wanted to sing both the Canadian and American anthems at a ballpark. It was kind of a “bucket-list” kind of thing.

Turns out they already had someone to sing the Star-Spangled Banner so I settled for O Canada. I was a bit nervous (to the point where I couldn’t feel my arms as I was singing because they went numb). But it went well. I guess I was expected a roar of approval. Then I realized I was at a college summer league baseball game so I settled for some nice applause.

The best part was I got to do it again two days later.

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