#TBT: Rio 2007 Opening Ceremony

In honor of the #OneYearToGo mark to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, this #TBT goes back to eight years ago when Rio de Janeiro hosted the 2007 Pan American Games, with its opening ceremony called “spectacular” by the Los Angeles Times.

On Friday the city inaugurated the 15th Pan American Games with a lavish and creative 3 1/2 -hour show that featured a symphony orchestra, three 100-foot-long coral snakes, Miss Brazil, an alligator the size of a 747, fireworks, a 1,500-piece percussion band and thousands of dancers dressed as everything from ocean waves to water lilies.

“It was incredible,” said water polo player Heather Petri of Long Beach.

“I actually think that was the best opening ceremony I’ve ever seen.”

Of course, this was a year before the amazing Opening Ceremony at Beijing 2008 that raised the bar to ridiculous heights. But if Rio 2007 is any indication, expect an awesome party-like atmosphere.

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